We set up your shop and ensure with additional coding that your shop also looks ideal on mobile devices.

7 hours of total service including consulting

  • Setup of the new theme: transfer and adjustments of existing content (e.g. logo, social media icons, page footer links). *
  • Design for mobile devices (additional programming code)

Currently supported themes: Vanilla, Vintage

*Please note that not all content from your current theme may be implemented in the newly installed theme.

  1. 599
  2. plus vat (1)


Make sure you send us all the information when booking. We can then make the most out of your Time.

  • CI documents (colors, logo, etc.)
  • Link to your existing shop/website
  • Excample websites that you like
  • Ideally pictures and text for 3-4 sample products
  • Unlock the support access to your shop

Step 1:

Consultation from your personal shop designer via phone

We love to work closely with our customers. This way we can fully understand your needs and goals, and be able to deliver an optimal result. Therefore, we get in touch with you to talk about your shop and clarify all questions in advance.

Step 2:

We find the right design theme for your shop

There are a number of areas to consider when choosing a design theme. To present your products in the best possible way, we recommend the most suitable theme for your shop.

Step 3:

We add the necessary extra coding

We will make sure that your new template is displayed correctly on all mobile devices. You will have all your content and check-out process adapted.